Eat Once and Skip Breakfast? New Thoughts On The Mediterranean Diet And Diabetics.

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Doctors tend to be overwhelmed with patient numbers, pharmaceutical reps and time poor. Not many will be able to give advice about diet changes. See your Naturopath/Nutritionist to coodinate your health care and keep checking your TG, Thyroid autoantiglobulin factors, TSH, T3,4 and cholesterol LDL, VDL, and HDL with your diet changes, as very often health care is best served with a good dollop of nutritional care!

A low carb diet with lots of antioxidants and good quality fat (fish, nuts) as in a Mediteranean diet is found to be helpful in controlling diabetes. Again avoiding processed wheat (which is a different form of wheat than that grown on Selenium rich soils in the Italian and Greek area) is part of the picture of healthy eating.

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I don’t know if you’ve been reading any of the newer “it’s not what you eat, it’s when you eat” books, but suddenly the tiniest differences in the timing of your meals appears to make a difference in your body weight.


Now this variation has extended to the use of the Mediterranean Diet and diet-diabetics, also called Type II diabetics.  It turns out that skipping breakfast and having a big lunch complete with wine isn’t worse for you than eating multiple meals throughout the day.


The study tested three different diets for diabetics.  “The three diets were a low-fat diet, a low-carbohydrate diet and a Mediterranean diet.”  The low fat diet contained far more carbohydrates and increased blood sugar the most.  The low-carbohydrate diet contained mostly fats and continued the trend showing that diabetics do better with lower carbs.  The high fat content…

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