Mineral Magic and Mayhem


Gardeners know that for  plants to survive you need to add nutrients and water to help them thrive. There must be at least these three trace minerals in the soil: NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorous and Potassium – the “K” stands for the Latin word for potassium, ie. Kallium). The plants can grow with this, but may succumb to various infections and viruses if the other minerals are missing. Just as in plants, animals require minerals for optimum function. As a health care professional I have seen the effects of potassium deficiency in the mammalian body- lethargy, and weakness are classic.
 Great Gardeners are aware that there are more than 70 other minerals- micro nutrients- that in the right balance help the plant have good immunity to bugs and viruses and help the plant make more of itself- ie good to eat fruits, nuts and seeds.  If there is an abundance of water, good soil and a high mineral count of the right balance (a brixmeter is useful- basically a specific gravity measurement of crushed green leaves) the soil will magically produce a good crop if starting with good quality seed. If the seed is good but the soil is poor in minerals then the crop will not be optimal.  Crops can succumb to plague proportions of insects, aphids and locusts and fall over with withered yellow veins if they are not well fed. Mayhem in the agricultural industry would pursue.  It is also possible to resurrect a poor plant as if by magic, when supplementing correct mineral deficiencies.

Mammalian life is not much different.  To grow and be really healthy we need to feed our cells a good balance of the trace minerals, as well as adequate proteins and fats to build cell structures. Carbohydrates are low on the list of necessity, and we can obtain adequate energy by metabolising fats.   When we have a diet high in protein, however, we need to be flushing the ammonia break down products out with more water/liquid intake and we will lose more Na or sodium and other trace minerals. Diuretics such as coffee and tea also cause a loss of trace minerals. The body needs at least 2 grams of calcium and 1.5 grams of magnesium daily to have a good neuromuscular function. Zinc requirements increase when there is sickness and stress, and a supplement of 50 mg per day is recommended.

Blackmore’s Celloids are a practitioner only Naturopathic form of medicine using trace minerals that can be used in animals and people to help manage mineral imbalances when our nutritional levels are low.   Our practice carries a range of mineral supplements and bases individual treatments on signs and symptoms displayed in the patients nails, face, tongue analysis, history and blood tests.

The mineral protocol treatment dispensed for an individual is based on these patient’s signs and symptoms and can be analysed and weighted by the Blackmore’s   questionnaire.  A chart can be formed from the questionnaire, which identifies the most relevant minerals for the individual patient. The code used for the mineral is based on the first letter of the mineral.  These are de-coded in the Table below.  Most of the Minerals are bound in a physiological form to either Phosphate or Sulphate. This helps absorption and buffering so there is no gastric irritation. Most absorption occurs in the small intestine, and as a carefully chewed powder some will be immediately absorbed through the oral mucosa.

An example of using some of these minerals is outlined below:

MP is Magnesium Phosphate- this is the Neuromuscular Coordinator. MP is appropriate for nervous disorders, tension, muscular aches and pains, PMT (premenstrual tension), cravings, panic and anxiety, gas and bloating, and general stress.  In  patients requiring this mineral, their Tongue is short and may quiver, their nails are short round and clubbed. Their Iris has superficial nerve arcs and rings.  This patient had anxiety, bloating, stress, and a quivering tongue with nerve rings in her iris.


PP is Potassium Phosphate the Nerve Power Activator which is helpful in conditions of physical, mental and nervous exhaustion with decreased nervous energy, low mood, fatigue, weakness. It is also used when poor memory and concentration occurs.

A hypothetical patient may have signs like this: The Tongue is dry with a mustard colour and red edges- in Chinese TCM  (Traditional Chinese Medical diagnostics) terms the red edges are indicative of liver problems. Of these signs the patient may have slightly red edges, but a clear slimy coat to her tongue (indicating a need for Sulphur) and some swelling (Either PC or SS) showing teeth imprints. There may be dark- yellow Iridal nerve rings which is more indicative of PSMP together with the clear slimy coating on the tongue which appear relevant in this patient.  Sulfur compounds are helpful in liver detox, and in infections, so it may be decided to use a prescription with  PSMP  if the questionnaire shows several infection areas with signs/symptoms such as Candida, Tongue, skin, and Iris signs.

 PPMP is a patented duo celloid, regarded as the Nervous system support blend, which is the combined neuromuscular (MP) and Nerve power activator (PP) blend.  It is particularly relevant for nervous exhaustion and decreased nervous energy. Cramps, spasms and twitching are well treated with this formula. In today’s society of increased mental stimulus and decreased manual labour with poor mineral intake due to soil depletion of magnesium, this formula is prescribed in at least 50% of Western patients. (pers com AIAS lecturer.


Silica is called the Calcium reorganiser- is helpful with the lack of growth or vitality of hair, with split ends and degenerative arthritis. Tongue is long and pointed and the nails have longitudinal lines or ribbing from bed to tip.


CF is Calcium Fluoride, a homoeopathic formula which may counteract the recent fluoridation of Queensland’s drinking water; according to the homoeopathic principle of like cures like. This is highly relevant in this patient as Fluoride displaces Iodine in the thyroid tissue and may be partially responsible for deficient thyroid function.  That is a homeopathic dose of fluoride could reduce the toxic effects of Fluoride/fluorosis that may have accumulated in her tissues due to mass medication of her drinking water, ingestion of fluoridated toothpaste over many years, and dental visits. CF is regarded as  the Connective Tissue Strengthener. Where cracks or fissures of epithelial tissue including Tongue cracked, mapped or split and dilated Iridal nerve wreath with radii Solaris occurs.   SCF is a duo celloid as Silica can benefit the matrices laid down by Calcium.


The minerals are known by their primary action and name, and are listed below:

Blackmore’s Cell salts or Celloids are safe low, pharmacological doses of specific physiologically required minerals that are given regularly and over some months. They are generally (except in the case of CF) non homoeopathic. Therefore they are advancement over Sheussler cell salts in that they provide biological chemical action (as opposed to energetic or homoeopathic medicine, which could also be argued to be useful in combination with other therapies). It is expected that the patient will feel gradually improved and that revisit consultations are necessary to monitor these changes. Because the result may be subtle at first, it is recommended that the patient allocates a sliding scale to the symptoms from 1-10 that they are experiencing at the beginning of the treatment, particular for the few signs and symptoms for which the patient is seeking the most help with.  This enables a recognisable method to monitor the improvements and provides a clinical and measurable outcome.

As in any health, or fitness training program the practitioner/healer/trainer is a support person and encourager to enable progress to be made. This allows the patient to observe and claim ownership of their own health and signs and symptoms, and to be more body aware of how they are treating their body. This is slightly different to a medical regime where the patient does not take control of their own health and relies solely on the care-giver to make judgements and fine tune the medications.  Doctors are expected to dispense a pill or treatment that “will work immediately” on the signs and symptoms, but in fact the underlying cause of these symptoms may never be truly addressed.  Naturopathic Medicine on the other hand, relies on the patient to control their dietary intake, exercise modalities, and state of mind- addressing mental and emotional aspects; for example in this case mood swings anxiety and the inability to concentrate maybe linked to magnesium and potassium deficiency. This can be treated nutritionally with minor diet changes and mineral supplements.  Although this may be a slower and long process, particularly for some chronic conditions and genetic dispositions, in the end this empowers the patient to notice their own bodies and their own needs and re-engages the patient with the ability to control their own health.


Observant Practitioners of Naturopathic Medicine may note that their Holistic treatments affect the mind and body, enabling emotional healing which may arguably be the basis for neuro-chemical balance and homeostasis.

 Patients may display animated actions and words matching  self-determination and confidence in their therapy while discussing subtle changes such as better sleep patterns and an increased ability to study and cope with stress.  

Mineral therapy can act as a catalyst providing cofactors for various enzymatic and physiological processes in the body.  This creates a homeostasis effect for the body to perform in a more balanced fashion. Patients can attune themselves to listen to the effects mineral deficiencies may have, with the aid of a practitioner who acts in an educational and teaching capacity.



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 Mineral Formula and Action:

MP is Magnesium   Phosphate



PP is Potassium   Phosphate

Nerve Power   Activator

PS is Potassium   Sulphate

Cell Oxygenator

Chronic, recurring   conditions

PC is Potassium   Chloride

Congestion remover

CF is Calcium   Fluoride (homoeopathic)

Connective Tissue   Strengthener


CP is Calcium   Phosphate

Cell Builder

SP is Sodium   Phosphate

Metabolic Acid   Balancer

SS is Sodium Sulphate

Problem fluid remover   Liver function detoxifier

IP is Iron   Phosphate



CS is Calcium   Sulphate

Chronic Suppurative


S is Silicon   dioxide

Calcium Reorganiser


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    • HI Jerrod, thank you for your kind comment. I get a bit excited when I read and study on a particular subject and that is what makes me put finger to keyboard. I do think you need to be enthused about something before you start writing. The best way is to just DO IT. Just start. You can always revise and change it later, usually once “in the flow” it comes tumbling out. I don’t think I am always clear in my thinking process either, as I tend to ramble and I am a girl, so I get this multilayered multifactorial multitasking picture sometimes. My husband and many others are much more concise and precise. However some will like your writing, others not so- but you should just DO IT! Life is too short to not share. Best wishes, e

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