Detox your Pet!

Detox your pet!
We all want our health span to equal our life span, and we certainly want our pets  to live a happy, healthy and long life. Unfortunately we cannot make this an “eternal” or forever life – but we can try to help them bypass the poor quality events–arthritis, dermatoses, otitis externae (ear infections) and cancer caused by poor diets,  and toxins.
We know that readers of this magazine already know that the world is full of pollutants! Poisonous chemicals cumulate over time in our pet’s, and our own bodies usually stored in fat tissue which might become a nidus for tumour growth. Taking the “Rubbish out” is a life long/daily/weekly event – leading to a longer life (ask my husband!)
Harmful waste products are either flushed out –down the urine pathway filtered out  via our kidneys, or through our entero-hepatic cycle and out the other “hole”.  Some are sweated out via skin/ears which may be  represented as dermatitis and otitis
The simple answer to detox is to feed fresh, organic balanced foods that are species appropriate, and to provide ample sources of pure clean water. gives great information about feeding cats, and our clinic can help with soecific diets.  Adding a good quality Spirulina or chlorella and Zeolite can help to bind out toxins that have accumulated in one’s body. If there is heavy metals- such as Lead -eg. in Mt Isa or Broken HIll mining towns, Zeolite given as small amounts weekly can help remove some of the toxicity. Each patient is an individual,  and the amount and type of detox will vary accordingly. Some animals- such as man, primates and guinea pigs require exceptional levels of vitamin C to prevent scurvy during the clearing process, and small amounts of vitamin B and Selenium are also necessary. A complete blood count and serum analysis prior to embarking on a diet change or “detox”  helpful to customize a particular organ system recovery.  For example, renal problems are helped to detoxify with the herb Rehmannia, and liver toxins are cleared with s-AME, milk thistle, dandelion root and vitamin B’s. All require thorough rehydration therapy.
  Where are these pollutants? Our pets, and us, drink them  in our water (fluoride, oestrogens “the birth control pills”, agricultural chemicals), and eat them in our food- insecticides, herbicides (GMO produce are glyphosate friendly-meaning you will get a big dose of BT toxins and Round up ready gut problems if you ingest corn, maize, wheat!  We also absorb them from our skin- which is a carrier NOT a barrier.  Avoid putting unnecessary toxins onto your, or your pet’s skin: Did you know that your skin is a carrier, NOT a barrier- as was previously thought. That means whatever you put On your skin is carried INTO your body and absorbed until it is eliminated. This has implications for nanoparticles in sunscreen (linked to cancer)  and phthalates and parabens in soaps, shampoos and cosmetics.
Bodies also produce endogenous toxins- that is stress and its dependent hormones- adrenaline, cortisol etc cause some wear and tear on internal tissues and produce some waste that also needs to be cleared out. Think your dog is chilled out and not stressed? Think again. Most little white fluffies (maltese, poodles, shitzu) just love and miss their owners so much that they can burn out their adrenals the same as their humans. Talk to an animal behaviourist to improve their attitude, and work on “Calm and mindful” pet therapy.

Check your food labels: Natural does not necessarily mean “Natural” as in “gift from Nature”.

It is commonly a marketing tool- it  means “can taste like a natural food” or smells like a “Nature derived smell” when in fact it can be entirely synthetic and made from plastics and coal tar- a by product of the petrochemical industry. Its a lot cheaper and therefore more profitable for the company  to , and make Liver, or chicken flavor and Red erythrosine dyes onto plastic “food” chews that so many dogs go Whacko from. (you know the TV commercial!)

Its the same for us- Vanilla, an orchid seed pod is very expensive to grow and then bottle.  That’s why most of your chocolate  (which of course you do NOT feed to your pets) and cookies use ethyl vanillin- its cheap, but WHAT is THAT doing to your body and organ systems- especially if your body has no way of breaking it down? Where is it stored (think fat, liver etc! ) and how is it removed from your body? Much of  it must pass through into urine and  faeces- because it is found in our seawater, which means both the liver and the kidneys had a “go” at filtering it.  What does it do the the environmental food chain then?

Some contaminants in our food chain bioaccumulate. This means that if it is in the soil or seawater (via sewerage)  the smaller organisms eat it, incorporate this into their bodies, and as the larger organisms consume them in turn, there is a greater toxic dose per gram ingested. As Man and his pet charges are  “Apex” predators we all end up with the stuff back in our bodies at a higher dose.  This is true for everything that is NOT food that is ingested and cannot get removed with the waste.  Food gets broken down by your digestive system or by your liver to its primary components: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen plus some sulphur micro and macro minerals calcium, magnesium etc. Every cell gets washed in the serum that carries these molecules and each cell tries to figure out if it is food or foul—If you can’t  build cells or run enzymes with the molecules there, then the chemicals are either stored  in fat or liver–or put away in between muscle layers if it cannot be flushed out.  Its vitally important that you feed your  pet’s and your body daily with the building  blocks for your cells to regenerate and that you avoid putting bad stuff into the system.

Don’t be fooled! If a substance has “not yet been found” to cause cancer it might just mean that the correlation has not been documented in enough places- and that possibly too many doctors /research scientists are on the receiving end of a pay back! (Conspiracy theorist?  nah, its just business as usual! If  your research funding pays your mortgage who/what ya gunna call??) . You can  check pubmed entrez – the scientific research  site– for information about the anthropogenic (ie synthetic man made substances) found in the atmosphere that DO NOT BREAK DOWN in the ocean’s waters.  Type in any number of “food” preservatives and see what comes up.

As a rule of thumb: think

1) fluid therapy ensure food is hydrating (this *not * dry food)

2) avoid all “food” colourings (that are NOT food)  and most preservatives (vitamin E, C are ok)

3) Fresh is best.  The organic produce and pulp from your juicer is an awesome addition

4) add some green chlorophyll (spirulina, chlorella, kelp powder) – small amount for cat, larger for dogs.

5) seek help from an Integrative, Holistic Veterinarian.

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Chewing the Fat! What is GOOD for the GUT?

So what’s for dinner? After working all day and overloading the sympathetic nervous system with adrenaline and other stress hormones, its time to wind down, take a breath, relax and  let your tummy do the talking. Very often people miss meals while working,

especially when they are in a high stress overloaded job and are in gastric shutdown in the morning. After the sun sets on your desk and you head home its a common mistake to try to fill the emptiness with whatever has the least preparation time. Mistakes of ingestion can happen; and making less than the highest choice can have consequences on your health long and short term. That “indigestion” bloating feeling is nature’s way of the gut telling you to change what you are doing to yourself.

The problem is we are so far removed from “Natural food”  and “Natural Lifestyle” that we often don’t recognize what hunter gatherers we are, nor what the BEST food for us is! Our choices are mixed with our emotional connection to comfort food and what we were raised eating (mother’s home cooked fried chicken! lasagne! pasta, apple pie, etc) We are influenced by clever marketing, which prey on our weaknesses.  Government RDI (Recommended Daily Intakes) and the “healthy food pyramid” is a sham. Marketing labels are at best misleading and at worse dangerous, and these “non food inclusions” (numbers indicating artificial preservatives, food dyes, stabilisers, flowing agents etc) may help to create cancer, diabetes, and the obesity epidemic we are now seeing rampant in society. The misleading statements of “fat free” and “cholesterol lowering” and “Natural sweetener”  make you think this food is good for you. Let me tell you a little about how wrong this is.

There are some very simple lessons we have learned about nutrition from examining cultures through the ages and around the world recently.

Several people have spent a goodly amount of time blogging about this, and some highly passionate young nutritionistas can give you a fun read and taste of the vast amount of literature and scientific knowledge of proof  here: and  (block your ears to avoid the swearing la la la la la if you are over 40 years old and find this offensive- its the age, man…chillax!)

and here:

and for some scientific articles on the gluten/gliadin antibody inflammatory link see:

So having established that the new genetically altered wheat and its subsequent high levels of a protein that primes us to be inflammatory and allergenic, and its pervasiveness in practically every constituent of packaged food items (including pet food!) what do we do?

First we need to address our PNS or parasympathetic nerve system, and offer some self care and self love. Breathe, (slowly, deeply and with affection) practice yoga or Tai Chi or Qi gong, and also some aerobic-ness. Do this mindful practice before you eat, so your peristalsis and enzymatic processes can nourish what you do take in. This is a tick for the religious process of blessing your food before you eat it. Someone got that right! Praise the (insert your fav idol/religion etc here….).

In order to properly digest your food you must sit down, relax, breathe, and think about your food. Your choices should come naturally. You should want to eat wholesome fresh foods. Unfortunately your cravings might be for foods that will KILL you. Yes, you read that right. Inflammatory processes are set off by what you swallow. Degenerative diseases like Alzheimers, cancer, diabetes type 2 and arthritis are all linked to inflammation and insulin resistance.

Now what I am about to tell you is not new knowledge. We have data that states a diet rich in plant products with minimal meat/fish/egg protein (China/Okinawa/Mediterranean) and omega 3 fatty acids is healthy.  It is surprising considering the information that has been shelled out by the government and Food Industry (including Pet Food Industry) from paid nutritionists for the last 30-40 years consists of a heavy carbohydrate load- with really a minimal level of vegetable and fruit material. We are talking about the “5 alive” or 5 veges or 3 veges and 2 fruit servings/day. Yet to seriously change our dietary habits from unhealthy and sick to health we need to radically add 20 servings of vegetables per day! A tough ask, but easily achieved using a juicer.

Review:  for eating for a better brain, a Doctor who cured her MS symptoms by whacking in mega vegetables and a few supplements

The BIG difference between what the evil present day food pyramid is doing to our waistline and what we should be eating is simple: avoid the sugars- this is bread and grains and cakes and lollies, and USE GOOD FAT. Saturated fats are GOOD for you- it is the building blocks that allows your body to make your hormones and your vitamin D, which is an essential hormone and immune regulator. We doctors use high doses of vitamin D to help bodies fight cancer!

NOTE: IF your doctor has prescribed Statin drugs, see him STAT! Make sure you supplement with a good quality coenzyme Q 10 and ask him to review the book: Wheat Belly.

Carbohydrates including most grains (wheat, some rye, oats) are fraught with problems. The genetically modified structure of these grains have changed over the last 30 years in particular leading to an epidemic of inflammatory gut and health problems, not to mention that:

Gliadin derived opiates affect the brain, therefore it is ADDICTIVE, and like sugar with the huge insulin swings, will make you seek more food in a couple of hours, hence the merry go round of reduced satiety and increased hunger.

Wheat is the perfect Obesogen! Yes read all about it in “Wheat Belly ” which is the #1 Best seller by the NY Times, and it has caused a furore!

Listen to the author here:

Vested interest by large agriculturally based food producers and big names that control multinational companies (Kelloggs, Monsanto etc) are the agronomist controllers of our economy. Food sells. The food manufacturers base their decisions on recommending strategic directions of marketing and economic sustainability.

People need to eat, and they want fast, take away, fix the carbo crave NOW! Both of these deciding factors– the economy of manufacturing and producing cheap food, and the reliant addicted wheat based SAD diets do NOT take into consideration HEALTH AND…. WHAT IS GOOD FOR THE GUT.

We now have the fattest, most obese populations everywhere- in the WORLD. Diabetes type 2 is rampant,

heart disease, arthritis and cancer are all metabolic diseases linked to obesity.

Our advisors of the food pyramid instructions have made a big boo boo. We need to understand that the wheat of the 2000 is a different beast to the wheat of our great grandmothers. The new version of gluten and gliadin rich Wheat is full of lectins which does this:

1) Lectin blocks leptin- the hormone of satiety, it also binds to the blood vessels causing glycation, inflammation, heart damage and neurological problems.

2) The appetite stimulating properties of wheat and simplecarbohydrates are well documented. You will be hungry after the gliadin derived opiates are absorbed within 2 hours.

3) It causes depression, schizophrenia, suicidal thoughts.

4) Inflammation of the gut allows the tight junctions of the cells to become loose forming the basis of a “leaky gut” which lets large molecules to come through the lumen into the blood. These largely undigested particles can set up an antibody response in the body, leading to atopy and dermatitis (itchy skin) arthritis, blood disorders, candida infections (somewhat controversial in the medical field) and various autoimmune disorders.

Carbohydrate wheat eaters have the same part of their brain stimulated that a Crack or cocaine addict has. Carb and especially grains and simple sugars MUST have that glucose fix every 2-4 hours or they become fuzzy headed, cranky, display behaviour abnormalities, and may become violent. There are several ways of overcoming gluten/sugar addictions. First off: EAT breakfast by 7am, with eggs and plenty of butter and cheese and protein. YOUR satiety centre will be fully quenched until about 2 pm.

Here are some recipes to replace the processed wheat filled supermarket foods that have all those numbers, codes, artificial flavourings etc in them. (oh, and did I mention to avoid eating NUMBERS! If you can’t decipher what that crazy maths puzzle on the box is your body probably can’t recognise it as FOOD either!)

If you stop the flow of opiates (ie wheat and sugar) for 5-7 days you will have fatigue, depressions, headaches. Here are some hints to fight the negative side effects:

Take a magnesium supplement (1.5 gm/day), iodine (lugols 2-3 drops/day), omega 3 fatty acids (5 ml or 5 tabs of 1000mg tabs) and take favourable probiotics and prebiotics ( teaspoons of inulin, artichoke, burdock root, pumpkin) Drink lots of homemade soups. An occasional aspirin maybe necessary or use some acupressure points LI4 is a good one

Chew your plants and make your diet a mostly plant based meal with adequate protein intake of 1-1.5 gm/kg of your body weight and . Its better to eat non processed  real foods and avoid highly processed  high sugared and refined packaged food.  Better for your gut, and for the planet.

Having sorted out the wheat from the chaff, so to speak, what else should we consider? Yes, I must admit it gets confusing. Should one be Vegan, Vegetarian, or eat lots of animal fat and animal protein? I look at anatomical markers to give us some clues as to what works best.

What are your food choices for a species? As a Veterinarian and Human Natural therapist, I base my findings on an understanding of the dentition and digestive organs. That is, if you have mostly molar grinding teeth and no canine teeth to speak of, and a very large fermenting vat like a caecum (eg. a horse) or 4 fore stomachs (like a cow) then you MUST chew grasses, leaves, and legumes. If you are a Cat your teeth function to rip, and tear and your guts are short and narrow with no fermenting vat– you  are a Carnivore!  If you have both molar teeth for chewing and grinding AND canine teeth for ripping and tearing, and you have an intermediate gut, longer than a cat and a bigger diameter colon (large intestine) which does some fermentation then you are probably a DOG- an OMNIVORE (meaning you can eat both meat and vege).

Now humans– think about teeth, incisors are of the grabbing and holding variety, much like a dog, and we do have some canine teeth– but they are not as pokey and sharp as a dog or cat. Our intestines are quite peculiar- more like a cross between a dog and a horse! So there is an aha moment here! WE are hind gut fermenters. (some husbands are more fermentatious than others ! what is it about men that means they can fart a lot more than women, or maybe they are just louder and take more pleasure out of announcing the fact? ;-))

Our colons are quite large (not as big comparatively as a horse) and can hold some fermentation processing. There is an ascending, transverse and descending component to it. The transit time should be betwen 12-24 hours though, so limited amount of fermentation should occur. This means that eating predigested already fermented food is advantageous to an absorption mechanism of broken down food. It is better assimilated in smaller pieces that way. We need good enzymes and good hydrochloric acid in our stomachs for them to work.

So  in summary anatomically we have about 10-20% of our (human) dentition and gut matching a carnivore, therefore we are about 10-20% carnivorous beings and  80% anatomically favouring a plant based diet. Lucky us! We can eat a variety of foods. How we food combine and stay health will depend on our specific genetic structure and exercise levels, however this rule of thumb generally applies well. Vegans- a laudable choice ethically, but anatomically they MUST pay attention to vitamin B12, sulfur containing amino acids, omega 3 supplementation, iron and trace mineral elements.

AND we must allow time to masticate and chew our food.

Chewing allows the taste buds to “talk ” to the brain to register how much amylase needs to be released with the saliva, it lubricates the food and makes it swallow-able and gentle to the oesophagus.

So relax, kick back, avoid the processed crap, take out the wheat,  and share some of your meals with the dog, because you are pretty similar in that belly department there!


1) Food in its most natural state is best. That is- eat an apple or a banana or salad whenever possible. If you must cook use a slow cooker, the lower and steady temperature does not affect or destroy the compounds as much as frying or high temperature baking. Once you heat treat and highly process food certain enzymes, vitamins and factors are destroyed or changed and  even made  toxic. Heat treated carbohydrates are dangerous as it produces acrylamide.  Read about acrylamide here: in rats ingesting this it increased incidences of mammary gland, thyroid tumors and scrotal mesothelioma were observed in both studies that were performed. In humans, increased risks of ovarian and endometrial cancers, renal cell cancer, estrogen (and progesterone) receptor-positive breast cancer, and oral cavity cancer.

2) Avoid GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) food. These changed protein structures (compared to previous generations of original stock of Corn and Wheat, for example) are an unknown long term scientific experiment: on the planet, (refer to lack of Monarch butterflies, and bees in some areas) and on the mammalian body.  Crops that specifically have a spliced genetic code to allow them to resist Monsanto weedicide and insecticides are particularly of concern, as they will take up the poison into their cells and release these toxic substances into those ingesting them. This means avoiding Wheat in its present form. Eat real food, just a single ingredient eg. an apple, or several vegetables. OR  Make your own healthy foods.

3) Eat a greater percentage of vegetables than fruit and less meat protein. Studies indicate that the omega 3 oils in fish are cardio protective, and antiinflammatory- that is good for joints, skin, hair, and immune function.

4) Eat fermented foods daily- sauerkraut, Kim Chi, kefir, Beer (yep!) small amount of wine without preservatives, Kombucha, Yoghurt (full fat Greek, no sugar added)

5) avoid fried, fast, and sugar laden foods, These are pro inflammatory and cause degenerative diseases.

6) Limit your intake of caffeinated drinks to one a day.

7) Go for a 10 minute walk 30 minutes after eating. If you can’t do 10 do 5. If you can’t do 5 do 2– you get the picture. Move more!

8) Do NOT drink carbonated sugared soft drinks, and avoid aspartame and all other artificial sweeteners.


Eat real food, just a single ingredient eg. an apple, or several vegetables. OR  Make your own healthy foods.

Bon Appetit! and for your dogs and cats: BONE Appetite!