Detox this Christmas!

Holidays blinging, bells ringing, crowds and stress levels rising!

If Christmas is “not your thing” let your bah humbug be fed with nutritious adaptogenic health.

Here is your 5 step plan to last out this holiday season:

1) Start your day with a green smoothie drink!

1 banana, bunch of Kale, 1 tsp spirulina some pineapple (yum and bromelain to help digestion – a natural antioxidant and protease) coconut water/milk, pinch of tumeric and nuts of your choice- cashews and almond milk work a treat. 

If you are juicing try the CABALA-  which stands for: 3 different colours of apple, Carrot, Beetroot, lemon. 

Here is Don Tolman’s link for the recipe

(and no, I don’t know if he dyes his moustache or why it looks like that!).

Make sure you eat breakfast that is low carb but good quality protein. An egg fits the picture nicely.

2) Add some supplements:

Adaptogen herbal helpers will support your adrenals and reduce stress levels. These include withania, ginseng, cordyceps and the Salvia family – Dan Shen in Eastern herbal medicine terms. See your local Naturopath for a face, tongue, nail and check up analysis to fine tune your herbal formula. If you are imbibing add Milk thistle and dandelion tea to this list. 


3) B vitamins.  Remember that your B vitamins are going to save your liver- especially B3, 6,and 9. The levels on over the counter supplements are ridiculously low,  if you are imbibing any alcohol you want to help your liver deal with it. Go for a mixed B lof at least 50 mg each (except for folate and cobalamine- the B9 and B12- which are both in the microgram range).   

4) Antioxidants: amazingly throwing another shrimp on the barbie is not such a bad idea. The astaxanthin and good quality fats in a prawn (Aussie word for shrimp) Astaxanthin is found in microalgaeyeastsalmontroutkrillshrimpcrayfishcrustaceans, and the feathers of some birds. It provides the red color of salmon meat and the red color of cooked shellfish. 

Other great antioxidants are in the above brekkie drinks. Virtually any fruit and vegetable with lots of colour will have some  antioxidant properties. Go for the limonene containing variety- lots of citrus zest added to your cooking/rawing. Eat mostly unprocessed ingredients.

5) WATER!  and minerals. Especially if you are in the southern hemisphere, drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day is imperative. More if you are active and out and about. Most people are not aware that you may not be thirsty until you are really dehydrated, and that cellular function cannot take place efficiently without water.  We, and the planet, are a water based system. We are approximately 73% water, so is the planet. Our cells also need electrolytes and minerals to function, so throw a pinch of that great Himalayan, celtic sea salt or other balanced salt plus a squeeze of lemon into your brew. It will make your body sing.

Enjoy! and have a pleasant Christmas~

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