Detox your Pet!

Detox your pet!
We all want our health span to equal our life span, and we certainly want our pets  to live a happy, healthy and long life. Unfortunately we cannot make this an “eternal” or forever life – but we can try to help them bypass the poor quality events–arthritis, dermatoses, otitis externae (ear infections) and cancer caused by poor diets,  and toxins.
We know that readers of this magazine already know that the world is full of pollutants! Poisonous chemicals cumulate over time in our pet’s, and our own bodies usually stored in fat tissue which might become a nidus for tumour growth. Taking the “Rubbish out” is a life long/daily/weekly event – leading to a longer life (ask my husband!)
Harmful waste products are either flushed out –down the urine pathway filtered out  via our kidneys, or through our entero-hepatic cycle and out the other “hole”.  Some are sweated out via skin/ears which may be  represented as dermatitis and otitis
The simple answer to detox is to feed fresh, organic balanced foods that are species appropriate, and to provide ample sources of pure clean water. gives great information about feeding cats, and our clinic can help with soecific diets.  Adding a good quality Spirulina or chlorella and Zeolite can help to bind out toxins that have accumulated in one’s body. If there is heavy metals- such as Lead -eg. in Mt Isa or Broken HIll mining towns, Zeolite given as small amounts weekly can help remove some of the toxicity. Each patient is an individual,  and the amount and type of detox will vary accordingly. Some animals- such as man, primates and guinea pigs require exceptional levels of vitamin C to prevent scurvy during the clearing process, and small amounts of vitamin B and Selenium are also necessary. A complete blood count and serum analysis prior to embarking on a diet change or “detox”  helpful to customize a particular organ system recovery.  For example, renal problems are helped to detoxify with the herb Rehmannia, and liver toxins are cleared with s-AME, milk thistle, dandelion root and vitamin B’s. All require thorough rehydration therapy.
  Where are these pollutants? Our pets, and us, drink them  in our water (fluoride, oestrogens “the birth control pills”, agricultural chemicals), and eat them in our food- insecticides, herbicides (GMO produce are glyphosate friendly-meaning you will get a big dose of BT toxins and Round up ready gut problems if you ingest corn, maize, wheat!  We also absorb them from our skin- which is a carrier NOT a barrier.  Avoid putting unnecessary toxins onto your, or your pet’s skin: Did you know that your skin is a carrier, NOT a barrier- as was previously thought. That means whatever you put On your skin is carried INTO your body and absorbed until it is eliminated. This has implications for nanoparticles in sunscreen (linked to cancer)  and phthalates and parabens in soaps, shampoos and cosmetics.
Bodies also produce endogenous toxins- that is stress and its dependent hormones- adrenaline, cortisol etc cause some wear and tear on internal tissues and produce some waste that also needs to be cleared out. Think your dog is chilled out and not stressed? Think again. Most little white fluffies (maltese, poodles, shitzu) just love and miss their owners so much that they can burn out their adrenals the same as their humans. Talk to an animal behaviourist to improve their attitude, and work on “Calm and mindful” pet therapy.

Check your food labels: Natural does not necessarily mean “Natural” as in “gift from Nature”.

It is commonly a marketing tool- it  means “can taste like a natural food” or smells like a “Nature derived smell” when in fact it can be entirely synthetic and made from plastics and coal tar- a by product of the petrochemical industry. Its a lot cheaper and therefore more profitable for the company  to , and make Liver, or chicken flavor and Red erythrosine dyes onto plastic “food” chews that so many dogs go Whacko from. (you know the TV commercial!)

Its the same for us- Vanilla, an orchid seed pod is very expensive to grow and then bottle.  That’s why most of your chocolate  (which of course you do NOT feed to your pets) and cookies use ethyl vanillin- its cheap, but WHAT is THAT doing to your body and organ systems- especially if your body has no way of breaking it down? Where is it stored (think fat, liver etc! ) and how is it removed from your body? Much of  it must pass through into urine and  faeces- because it is found in our seawater, which means both the liver and the kidneys had a “go” at filtering it.  What does it do the the environmental food chain then?

Some contaminants in our food chain bioaccumulate. This means that if it is in the soil or seawater (via sewerage)  the smaller organisms eat it, incorporate this into their bodies, and as the larger organisms consume them in turn, there is a greater toxic dose per gram ingested. As Man and his pet charges are  “Apex” predators we all end up with the stuff back in our bodies at a higher dose.  This is true for everything that is NOT food that is ingested and cannot get removed with the waste.  Food gets broken down by your digestive system or by your liver to its primary components: Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen plus some sulphur micro and macro minerals calcium, magnesium etc. Every cell gets washed in the serum that carries these molecules and each cell tries to figure out if it is food or foul—If you can’t  build cells or run enzymes with the molecules there, then the chemicals are either stored  in fat or liver–or put away in between muscle layers if it cannot be flushed out.  Its vitally important that you feed your  pet’s and your body daily with the building  blocks for your cells to regenerate and that you avoid putting bad stuff into the system.

Don’t be fooled! If a substance has “not yet been found” to cause cancer it might just mean that the correlation has not been documented in enough places- and that possibly too many doctors /research scientists are on the receiving end of a pay back! (Conspiracy theorist?  nah, its just business as usual! If  your research funding pays your mortgage who/what ya gunna call??) . You can  check pubmed entrez – the scientific research  site– for information about the anthropogenic (ie synthetic man made substances) found in the atmosphere that DO NOT BREAK DOWN in the ocean’s waters.  Type in any number of “food” preservatives and see what comes up.

As a rule of thumb: think

1) fluid therapy ensure food is hydrating (this *not * dry food)

2) avoid all “food” colourings (that are NOT food)  and most preservatives (vitamin E, C are ok)

3) Fresh is best.  The organic produce and pulp from your juicer is an awesome addition

4) add some green chlorophyll (spirulina, chlorella, kelp powder) – small amount for cat, larger for dogs.

5) seek help from an Integrative, Holistic Veterinarian.

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What do I eat NOW?

I hear ya, you want 2014 to be the conquering year of getting in shape (round is a shape, right? ;-))
So here is a great kick start Joe Cross style (yes, grab that “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” DVD,
This means getting rid of sugar, carbs and increasing your nutrient value especially greens. Try this for breakfast and for a fast pick up during the day. Drink 6 glasses of mostly vege juices daily.

Green Smoothie Boost
Mix in high speed blender:
1 cup water (or coconut water)
1 stick celery
2 leaves kale
1 green apple
1/2 small cucumber (lebanese)
1 kiwifruit
50 gm baby spinach leaves
Juice of half lemon or lime
and organic spirulina, wheat grass, alfalfa, broccoli sprouts or phyto organic essential powder- 2 tsp.

Off you go! and have a GREAT day!

A variation to boost your detox and help your liver is to add 1-2 small pieces of turmeric. This is very helpful as an anti-inflammatory, antiarthritis, anticancer treatment. If you are detoxing for brain/neurological function (MS, Alzheimers etc) swallow 2 tablespoons of coconut oil twice a day as well.

If you have had many amalgam fillings it will take 1 month for every year you have had them to slowly detox your heavy metals out of your bones and fat deposits, your liver will need support while you do this to methylate the free radical toxins out (and into your poo! and out of your body) so you will need fibre daily. Try flax seed crackers- I love love love these ones from and when you check out use my priority value code vet344 and you will receive 5-10$ off your first order! Its rewards based (not network marketing) so you will get your own code when you check out – share this and you too will gain rewards. Awesome way to shop for organics and yummy foods and supplements.

Detox this Christmas!

Holidays blinging, bells ringing, crowds and stress levels rising!

If Christmas is “not your thing” let your bah humbug be fed with nutritious adaptogenic health.

Here is your 5 step plan to last out this holiday season:

1) Start your day with a green smoothie drink!

1 banana, bunch of Kale, 1 tsp spirulina some pineapple (yum and bromelain to help digestion – a natural antioxidant and protease) coconut water/milk, pinch of tumeric and nuts of your choice- cashews and almond milk work a treat. 

If you are juicing try the CABALA-  which stands for: 3 different colours of apple, Carrot, Beetroot, lemon. 

Here is Don Tolman’s link for the recipe

(and no, I don’t know if he dyes his moustache or why it looks like that!).

Make sure you eat breakfast that is low carb but good quality protein. An egg fits the picture nicely.

2) Add some supplements:

Adaptogen herbal helpers will support your adrenals and reduce stress levels. These include withania, ginseng, cordyceps and the Salvia family – Dan Shen in Eastern herbal medicine terms. See your local Naturopath for a face, tongue, nail and check up analysis to fine tune your herbal formula. If you are imbibing add Milk thistle and dandelion tea to this list. 


3) B vitamins.  Remember that your B vitamins are going to save your liver- especially B3, 6,and 9. The levels on over the counter supplements are ridiculously low,  if you are imbibing any alcohol you want to help your liver deal with it. Go for a mixed B lof at least 50 mg each (except for folate and cobalamine- the B9 and B12- which are both in the microgram range).   

4) Antioxidants: amazingly throwing another shrimp on the barbie is not such a bad idea. The astaxanthin and good quality fats in a prawn (Aussie word for shrimp) Astaxanthin is found in microalgaeyeastsalmontroutkrillshrimpcrayfishcrustaceans, and the feathers of some birds. It provides the red color of salmon meat and the red color of cooked shellfish. 

Other great antioxidants are in the above brekkie drinks. Virtually any fruit and vegetable with lots of colour will have some  antioxidant properties. Go for the limonene containing variety- lots of citrus zest added to your cooking/rawing. Eat mostly unprocessed ingredients.

5) WATER!  and minerals. Especially if you are in the southern hemisphere, drinking a minimum of 2 litres a day is imperative. More if you are active and out and about. Most people are not aware that you may not be thirsty until you are really dehydrated, and that cellular function cannot take place efficiently without water.  We, and the planet, are a water based system. We are approximately 73% water, so is the planet. Our cells also need electrolytes and minerals to function, so throw a pinch of that great Himalayan, celtic sea salt or other balanced salt plus a squeeze of lemon into your brew. It will make your body sing.

Enjoy! and have a pleasant Christmas~